Eddie The Brave

General producer of EDDIE THE BRAVE music project, the music band of Eddie the brave little pig. Responsible for musical concept, illustrations, animations,lyrics, director and animator of the music video.

“Running , Flying , Jumping! “ is the first single from the band. It is a cheerful pop song that talks about the inner value inside each one of us and how this spirit can make our dreams come true and address the challenges. Because this message has always aimed to be spread worldwide, the song is available in 4 languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese. To acknowledge this goal, in both the English and Spanish version of the video, the chorus is taught in sign language in order emphasize the universality of the message. No matter the language of the song, the spirit remains the same: “With courage we can address the challenges and make our dreams come true.”

Song composed in conjunction with the prominent music producers Cristián Heyne and Miranda & Tobar.

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